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Features of the VITRINITE module

Vitrinite is a software application for:

  • coal random reflectance measurement

  • maceral analysis

  • minimal/maximal coal reflectance measurement

Minimum/maximum reflectance measurement

Random reflectance measurement

The system performs a fully automated measurement and stores the measured data in a database. Reports can be generated and stored in a database too.

Main Features of the VITRINITE Module:

  • Full camera control, shading correction enabled.

  • Motorized scanning stage control. Autofocus, The system cooperates with PRIOR Scientific and Märzhäuser Wetzlar scanning stages.

  • Automatic compensation of the specimen unevenness.

  • Automatic maceral analysis with the possibility to manually correct the unresolved cases.

  • Customized report generator.

  • All measured data are stored in the database which you can browse and search easily.

Vitrinite and maceral detection

Vitrinite enables you to calibrate the vitrinite reflectance using the following standards: Dark, Spinel, Leuco Saphir, YAG, GGG, Cubic Zirkonia and Diamond. Maceral analysis supports automated detection of the following phases: Background, Liptinite, Vitrinite, Inertinite, Mi+Ma+Sc, Fu+Sf and Minerals. Automated sample scan is done according to the setting. The user can select sample size, number of fields, measurement method, focus method, Auto/Manual operation.

Manual maceral analysis

Automatic maceral analysis

Reports and databases

Reports and databases in the VITRINITE module were customized for our customers. Dedicated fields are present in the database table (date, time, operator, description, sample number, maceral analysis results, type analysis data, sample data, and vitrinite reflectance histogram). All measured samples are archived in the database. It is possible to search the samples by their sample number or analysis date.