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We deliver complete image analysis systems

Our image analysis software NIS-Elements (or LUCIA) can be purchased INCLUDING ALL HARDWARE ACCESSORIES. We cover the complete product range of Nikon Instruments, but also other manufacturers.

To your NIS-Elements (or LUCIA) software installation, we will help you put together a complete system including all hardware accessories. Do not hesitate to contact us to request an offer or to consult.
Nikon research microscopes Microscopes, cameras, complete solutions for laboratories assembled from Nikon Instruments products.
Motorized XY stages and Z Drives Prior, Marzhauser Wetzlar
Illumination for biological aplications Sutter Instrument, Excelitas technologies
Illumination for industrial applications Stabilized electronic sources of cool light. Circular LED sources for bright field.
Ocean Optics Spectrometers Spectrometers manufactured by Ocean Optics.
Navitar macrooptics, macro stands Navitar lenses and accessories, universal stands for image acquisition of macro objects, Kaiser granite Stands.
Microscopy accessories Calibration slides, Linkam heating stages, PC workstations and screens, etc.
LIM SCB-68A 13 BNC box Read more